Friday, June 17, 2011

The Second Bucket List

Now that i have officially completed my FIRST bucket list i have begun the second..Here's the first one (started at age 21-one night in a bar-lol- but many added over the next few years after that):
get an original poem published
run a 5k
have an amazing career i love
go to disney
take a cruise
become a mechanic
own a home
learn to rock climb
go white water rafting
sell an original piece of art
go to or live in colorado
bungee jump
own a cat
take a hot air balloon ride
ride an elephant
learn to kayak
climb a lighthouse
go on a missions trip
read the entire bible
hold or touch an alligator
sleep , have sex , and drive on the beach

YES! i have accomplished them all, in no particular order.
Soooo, now on to my 2nd list

1. sell 100 paintings
2. grow my hair waste-length
3. write & record an original song
4.scuba dive
5. visit a part of europe
6.go to hawaii, grand canyon, and niagra falls
7.stage act in a theatrical play a tiger a tornado
10. ride a segway

That's all i got for now, but at least i've made it official. And, btw- i joined so i can check out other peoples lists and keep track of my goals ! yay me!

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