Sunday, June 5, 2011

Little Miss Understood

Little Miss Understood

She lived in a very squat little house at the edge of town. In fact, it was even a very squat little town if one looked closely enough. All of it’s residents were squished into tacky pre-constructed housing or musty old row homes. The streets were lined with pot-holes, debris, and semi-settled persons of varying heights, weights, and dispositions.

All-in-all , a smartly average, unassuming town.

Mostly the town seemed interested in pursuing it’s status of pickle stardom, and Farmer's market fair fame. No one stood out, no one challenged the status quo, and no one dressed even the least bit unusually.

So, Miss Understood mainly stayed in her home out of fear that she might somehow offend the neighbors or a townsperson with her somewhat unorthodox views on life--- things like “It would be very inconvenient if I were to not have a regular income” and “A teacher should generally have the materials she needs to teach her classes”- which at one point or another had created great tides of conflict amongst the inner circles in which she was forced to travel. At times, even a forgotten teacup or taking a short break from tight shoes had caused discomfort and rumors had swirled for days concerning her very sanity!!

No, No…far better to stay indoors, venturing out when only absolutely necessary. Indeed, a stranger had just recently told her she should never speak to anyone but him, because no one liked her and she could be setting herself up for a bad situation!!

However, sometimes one just cannot seem to breathe indoors any longer and must step a few steps out the front door, despite all of one’s misgivings. And on the day Miss Understood decided to do just that......

A cry of utter outrage, shrieks of censure, and general chaos ensued.

It seemed as though someone heard in a gust of wind that just moments ago , Miss Understood had made statements of pure hatred toward one of the neighbors.

“I heard her! She said it! She DID! It was clear as a bell—she said she was after us and wanted to kill all of us!”

The Mayor was contacted, the fire department sounded the alarms…..nasty emails and phone calls were placed. Miss Understoodwas surrounded and insults were hurled in her direction…

“Bible-thumper! Job Stealer! Incorrectly dressed Part-Timer!’

Confused, she immediately ducked back into her front door. She had not even opened her mouth! How could she have uttered these insane things? Determined to find out, Miss Understood marched to her computer to do some research…..

To be continued……

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