Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Corinthians 8:7

"But just as you excel in everything -in faith, in speech, in knowledge, in complete earnestness & in your love for us- see that you also excel in this grace of giving".

What is meant here ? Why does it matter to anyone?last night i realized that i had not completed my mission to explore the 10 chosen verses related to giving and that, along with some other things, this was a sign of my recent fall from grace(as it were).I have re-committed to it and , hence, and consider it's meaning.

This only just hit me as i was typing it---yes, really!Truly! i actually had no idea what would come of merely typing the words. But----God is good. I instantly realized how it plays into my own life.
First- i am an educator, a teacher of sorts, who , by description must teach (and at least partly) usually in speech. I endeavor daily to express myself clearly and meaningfully to my "students" in order to convey my heart felt compassion for my chosen vocation in pediatric home care.I strive to constantly update my knowledge so i can earnestly state that i have given my whole heart to teaching in excellence , the skills necessary to give total, quality care to our clients and their families.

Many times in faith, i have delved into questions or research based solely on a request, a suggestion , a concern , or an unanswered query.Other times i have been given the grace to say "i don't actually know, but i will find out for you ".

Marvelous is He who understands the human heart & compassions we sometimes endure..even when laden with strife, discomfort, uneasiness, or frustration.For He has been of the flesh, and therefore has suffered the pains of our burdens. He understands that we can make poor choices, speak foolishly, become prideful, be tempted.He has paid the price, and pays it daily when we return to our sins.

And, for all of the things i do in my "profession"...most of all i am commissioned to profess my faith, honor and glorify His name, and speak no untruth unto His grace and mercy.

There are so many in my world who judge me for my religion, my beliefs. I constantly hear the back lash, even if silent, of those who would say "Bible-thumper" or "to each his own" or "whatever floats your boat"..even"whatever works for you".

I say, some day , if they cannot see the will fall upon them and, in bewilderment, they will then say "what have i done, why didnt i see?"

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