Monday, May 30, 2011

oh wait!

Now i got the right neighbor emailed me to inform me that the get together was only 4 or 5 families with small children...i see. I need to buy some children to get!Either way, i have realized i need to get over this & start living a life again. I've been hating most of my co-workers,doing nothing but painting & drinking wine.I havent been going to the gym , or doing any serious Bible study. My life is WAY off track. No wonder i'm depressed. I have to set some goals.
Wednesday i am starting back to the gym again...even if it kills me.i will go thurs & friday evening also. i will tan several days.I will start eating better, and drinking more water (i'm actually doing pretty good with fluids-herbal teas & water lately) . I need to put some applications in for at least a part time weekend job so i can make some extra money. With salary there's no overtime....but i have to draw the line now.i have stopped contributing to my 401k for awhile since my company stopped matching/contributing.Also...they are still not reimbursing me right.That needs to change.
I am cutting back my weekly savings & some other freind is here...Gotta go!

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