Thursday, May 19, 2011

I am going to explode, quick disclaimer...if you don't want to hear me roar....STOP READING RIGHT NOW!
Let me explain...i am now the only "Clinical Education Specialist" in our company my knowledge, the position was only recently created just for me.I teach 3 standard classes- the home health aide competency class, our pedia prep (for nurses coming on board with us) and the ventilator competency class.I had been asked to become a cpr instructor as well so that the company could get out of contracts costing tens of thousands per year for their current instructors.I teach at 4 branches each week in the area.I have gotten the instructor cpr cert. & will soon be teaching that as well.In addition i sub-in for the clinical managers with doing sup. visits, employee evals., chart audits, AND i fill in home care shifts in emergencies. For these tasks i am paid a fairly low end salary. I have 6 years experience in this feild, with this company.

Now that you have my autobiography....Sometime back in december or so i was contacted by a branch in chicago asking if i would help to edit the new Pedia Prep manual. Myself & another woman did this over several months via emails. It was labor intensive.Finally it became "available" in Feb. But , lo & behold, after following orders to print it out, finding it to be an unexpected 800 pages, i was reamed out for doing so and it was removed from access.Then, last week , an email came through that the color copies were ready and would be distributed -one to each branch as a reference tool( not to be given to each employee in the class as our previous 80 page manuals).This i understand due to expenses.


I saw a copy in a branch. I asked if i , as the educator of the class, would be receiving one. I was told "no".I am to use the ones in each branch.I replied that the B&W copy i had was unclear, incomplete and i would like one that i could make notes in for the classes. i offered to pay the purchase price.This is the reply i got-
" these are company property and not for individual sale. please refrain from this questioning & just use the ones in the branches".

#$%^*()()*&^%$..what????i am the teacher and i am not allowed to have a copy of class material? further, i must "refrain" from asking questions???It's bad enough i waited months for a computer, another month for a folding table & chair which are still my "office".No shelves, no bins. It's worse that, out of all the people in our offieces , i am the only one passed over to take the vent training offered only twice per year in Pittsburg...yet that is what i TEACH.

Now, i am not even being given necessary tools to teach with.

I am so done with this shit. This total lack respect, especially from this particular woman. Who the hell is she to keep the manual from me, and tell me not to ask questions?I never get any co operation from her or any type of respect. I am always being castrated, cock-blocked or however you wanna call it- by this petty , childish, control freak.

Lady, i cant help it you're as wide as a bus, miserable and probably loathe yourself & your pathetic life.But i'm just trying to do a JOB here.So get over yourself!Lose some of that fat, dress like you have a dollar, and start showing a little class by at least being polite.

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I must say that I am completely stress free, and so much happier now that I don't have to deal with..... her.