Friday, May 27, 2011

The Dart Board Project

Alot has been going on. First, i want to say i had a very pleasant weekend with my good friend Fred in Jim Thorpe, pa.The kayak class was wonderful and the company even better. I look weird in a wet suit though, and i lost a very expensive pair of sunglasses to the lake we practiced our eskimo rolls in on the first day. Then i lost a bottle of wine to a maid the next day, but that's a whole other story!
On the scene in Satan's Den (A.K.A.- work)- i tried to be considerate to someone who completely stabbed me in the back and i have suffered much abuse and accusations. I was blamed for her resigning, after she accused me of making horrible statements to her(like"i'm going to take your job and you are not going to have any work")....things i could never say to someone, especially a person i thought was a friend. Wow.

My supervisor made me feel like i caused a huge mess and when i defended myself (basically telling him i did not say these things and the girl had been talking about quitting for quite awhile now r/t office staff & scheduling)said that "these angry emails need to are setting yourself up for a bad situation"

Later, he left a message for me to call him and "make sure you are composed before you call".

So he proceeds to tell me after discussing the events that i should not ever contact anyone but him about anything.He is the only person i am to go through because no one else is on my side and you can't trust anyone of them..."they are not your friends, trust me".

I need a huge aspirin, a few large pics of my "enemies", and some darts.

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