Saturday, May 28, 2011

The Black Swan

I am very upset that someone has stolen my life story and hit the rewind button. "Black Swan" is a movie i have watched over & over (alone , of course) and i am convinced that, aside from changing the name (nina-ha!) they have changed the career to "ballerina" and just plagerized the rest!!!
Anyway, alone again and drinking the Vino, i cannot be counted on for accuracy.However, doesnt it seem strange when you have seen something a million times & you just can't shake the feeling someone has been watching you?

First of all i can totally identify with not only the white swan (my major life character) but also the sweet, deep, intense desires of the black counterpart.Additionally the mother ...she rocks the guilt side of my persona....

Someone owes me some royalties...and p.s....if you are a man reading will just NEVER get!

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