Monday, April 25, 2011

Plans & stuff

Well, the doctor visit resulted in me getting an inhaler. Ever since then- no cough. Still a little dry & hoarse, especially when talking for long periods. But better than having a coughing jag that hurts my chest!

Today , i finally got my CPR instructor certification. I can do first aide, cpr & aed for adults, children & infants now. For anyone needing an income with minimal investment both financially & time wise- this is the way to go. Class is about 115, then there's two 9 hr. class days. after that you just need to purchase or rent the class supplies. The only fees you pay the Red Cross are for processing the cards to be sent to the class members who pass. It's win-win , and you can find jobs everywhere-- at least that's what i've been told from other instructors.

I have plans to attend the Fairy Fest in Glen Rock this saturday. Never been there before so i'm excited.then sunday i go over to my daughters to help her paint her new house. It will be a long week (lots of classes) and a long weekend. I hope there's low stress...

My new plan with painting is that once i have this last painting paid for( i did for a commission), i want to just paint for fun for awhile. I'd like to have 6-10 decent pieces for the Feb. 2012 showing at a local winery shop & art gallery. I'm excited!Allegro Wines rock!

On May 21st i am going to attend kayak school for the weekend with a, something different and wonderfully outdoors & active! I'm sure we will have a ton of fun, even while learning & getting wet!!
Well, time to go relax . It's been a very long day....zzzzzzzz

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