Friday, April 8, 2011


I still haven't decorated my office. I suppose i am a bit hesitant, and a lot cynical.
I want to believe the situation will work out. But i also realize that my net pay is now not enough to live on & i have no opportunity for overtime pay.The only saving grace may be getting expenses mileage.
I have been having other issues on my brain, like the ongoing battle with my brothers situation. He is probably at the point where he is giving up the fight to keep a little girl who loves him so much, and knows no other daddy. She is counting on him to save her, and she cannot stand up for herself. If only it wasnt all about convenience & money.If only i had a claim to her at all.
Other news, i am trying to put together some other ventures in my artist world. Its not easy, but i feel there is something out there to pursue.I am still working on quite a few projects,and i hope to present a draft in a few weeks.
Gotta run, always working!

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