Thursday, April 21, 2011

Doctor Day

Today i finally get to go to the doctors. i will hopefully get some meds or at least info. about this nagging cough.My schedule has been crazy. You would think i work 70 hrs a week.but really , i only work 40 on the clock. most other hours are spent in prep time and driving . i should be able to count the drive time.In fact, i think i'm going to ask. Anything over my regular commute time to & from my home office should be counted.
I took my paintings to a winery/gallery yesterday & have a 1 month showing booked for February
2012. They are booked til then. I think at some point i'll have to approach a few other galleries. I'm so insecure about my work. Especially when i se how great other works are. Always room to improve!
I am alos starting to yen for vacation. And i have to wait til september..arrrgh!i need the ocean, the beach.....i am working on a very large painting right now and would love to have a real ocean nearby for inspiration.
Nothing else new...signing off

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