Monday, April 25, 2011

Plans & stuff

Well, the doctor visit resulted in me getting an inhaler. Ever since then- no cough. Still a little dry & hoarse, especially when talking for long periods. But better than having a coughing jag that hurts my chest!

Today , i finally got my CPR instructor certification. I can do first aide, cpr & aed for adults, children & infants now. For anyone needing an income with minimal investment both financially & time wise- this is the way to go. Class is about 115, then there's two 9 hr. class days. after that you just need to purchase or rent the class supplies. The only fees you pay the Red Cross are for processing the cards to be sent to the class members who pass. It's win-win , and you can find jobs everywhere-- at least that's what i've been told from other instructors.

I have plans to attend the Fairy Fest in Glen Rock this saturday. Never been there before so i'm excited.then sunday i go over to my daughters to help her paint her new house. It will be a long week (lots of classes) and a long weekend. I hope there's low stress...

My new plan with painting is that once i have this last painting paid for( i did for a commission), i want to just paint for fun for awhile. I'd like to have 6-10 decent pieces for the Feb. 2012 showing at a local winery shop & art gallery. I'm excited!Allegro Wines rock!

On May 21st i am going to attend kayak school for the weekend with a, something different and wonderfully outdoors & active! I'm sure we will have a ton of fun, even while learning & getting wet!!
Well, time to go relax . It's been a very long day....zzzzzzzz

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Doctor Day

Today i finally get to go to the doctors. i will hopefully get some meds or at least info. about this nagging cough.My schedule has been crazy. You would think i work 70 hrs a week.but really , i only work 40 on the clock. most other hours are spent in prep time and driving . i should be able to count the drive time.In fact, i think i'm going to ask. Anything over my regular commute time to & from my home office should be counted.
I took my paintings to a winery/gallery yesterday & have a 1 month showing booked for February
2012. They are booked til then. I think at some point i'll have to approach a few other galleries. I'm so insecure about my work. Especially when i se how great other works are. Always room to improve!
I am alos starting to yen for vacation. And i have to wait til september..arrrgh!i need the ocean, the beach.....i am working on a very large painting right now and would love to have a real ocean nearby for inspiration.
Nothing else new...signing off

Saturday, April 16, 2011

In a Haze....

(This is one of a 3 panel set- a mermaid rising from the sea at night)

I have had a dry cough for so long i am wondering if it's lung cancer.I need to take care of myself soon. These past few, make that this wait...last year has to be included also since i was at the hospital....have really taken a toll on my health & motivation. It seems sometimes that ever since i decided to get my RN, and especially from the point where i starting using the license at a job, my health and inner life was dropped into 3rd or 4th place depending on housework and if it was grocery week.
Oh, sure..there have been a few spurts of valor.I would get so disgusted i would rally and go to the gym for a few weeks.Or i would buy all health food at the grocery store.Even started the vitamins again half-heartedly. But i have not been able to discipline myself as before.
In addition, i havent been reading my bible's been only a few times a week, in small doses- for instance i will chose a few Psalms or go to where i left the book mark & read a page .
I havent stuck to bible study like i intended. Since the mission trip i have only been back once.
Of course, i can make all the excuses, and they are all noble & all make sense-i have been focusing on my career,dealing with a crazy schedule, trying to help others out at my own expense, depression...even spending more time in my studio (painting my little heart out).
But in the end, it changes nothing. Facts are facts.I have been remiss in my duties of self-care.

Where do i put such a category in my head file? Under "guilt & regret"?or "things i need to remedy" or "oh well" ....or perhaps the dusty file "the results of selflessness"(sub-tiltled "self-pity")?
I just don't know. I hesitate to make a plan, knowing how often they have failed this year. It seems the older i get the more undecided & confused i am. I just can't make decisions. I am wishy -washy..."luke warm"....and it's driving me crazy!!!
In other news....a friend & i have decided to pursue a creative business venture. In order to serve as God leads us as well as preserve the Arts in this economic depression, we will endeavor to promote and help other creative types to grow and prosper. More on this later, it's going to be a process!

Friday, April 8, 2011


I still haven't decorated my office. I suppose i am a bit hesitant, and a lot cynical.
I want to believe the situation will work out. But i also realize that my net pay is now not enough to live on & i have no opportunity for overtime pay.The only saving grace may be getting expenses mileage.
I have been having other issues on my brain, like the ongoing battle with my brothers situation. He is probably at the point where he is giving up the fight to keep a little girl who loves him so much, and knows no other daddy. She is counting on him to save her, and she cannot stand up for herself. If only it wasnt all about convenience & money.If only i had a claim to her at all.
Other news, i am trying to put together some other ventures in my artist world. Its not easy, but i feel there is something out there to pursue.I am still working on quite a few projects,and i hope to present a draft in a few weeks.
Gotta run, always working!

Friday, April 1, 2011

I still want less

My office is but a folding table, folding chair and an old computer. My walls are barren, the carpet is boring and theres even a plastic molded portable supply closet conveineintly tucked away from everyone elses view in there. I do have a single window.

I'm considering the "fleeing from my home country" minimalist approach. You know, the one depicted by "peggy" in the north pole Capitol One " commercials.

Or i could go with a theme.....pickles? Lurch Adams? Octopus's? hmmm