Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Tea for Nitwits

While things were nice & calm on monday, i knew deep inside there was a tempest in a teapot brewing somewhere.
And my home office did not disappoint. Last week when i was there meeting with the uppers , going back & forth between my "office" (a sad little place really, with a small folding table , and a computer- barren of all life) , the conference table & another office, i inadvertently left a cup of tea in my office.
Well, the world must absolutely STOP when this happens. At least at our fidgety li'l office.I found it on tuesday, realized i had forgotten it and disposed of it. But today, i was informed that it was "noted" and complained about.
Wow...perhaps next week they shall go through my trash. Perhaps i will follow my daughters advice & put a used tampon in there (at least one that looks used-i'll put brown food coloring on it)....
or , maybe i can go picking through the place after hours myself, finding little things to bitch, that would make me one of them...
Seriously, there's a war starting in Libya, children dying, terrible healthcare reform etc....and my tiny little teabag makes the front!

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