Sunday, March 13, 2011

Take me Back

So glad i decided to go back to church tonight. This is the first time i have ever been led to go back to church for a second service in one week.We had the most awesome speaker today- John Shuttlesworth. He has never written a book, he is not famous. But he has truly been able to shake someone like me up inside to where i am thirstier & thirstier for God.
Let me clarify.
I was late for service this morning because i thought we turned the clocks back instead of forward. So, i arrived only in time to hear the last 1/2 hour ( or so i thought- he talked 45 minutes over).I was so moved i knew i had to come back.So i left & took my mom to visit with my grandmother today at the home. She asked me what i was doing tonight, and strangely enough the words came out of my mouth.."i'm going back to church". I wouldve never believed it myself if someone told me.
I arrived to church half expecting a small turn out ( i am in dillsburg, pa after all) but was blown away by a packed parking lot. I went inside, had texted a friend to comebut really didnt expect her - she's flaky, very A.D.D. but, guess what? she comes in sits right beside me.That was wierd enough.
But it gets very strange then because her & i started getting convicted by the Holy Spirit on the very same issues..we both went up for the alter call ( my very first time) and she was called out by the, she was crying.
Afterward, she starts telling me all the thoughts she was having during the sermon and she was having the exact same pictures in her mind that i was, but didnt want to say it out loud. I started getting so excited & telling her things & she was telling me things....
What i find so odd is that we met a few years back at a church sweetheart banquet with our husbands.Since then we've had this on & off friendship because we are such opposites..she's a flake, forgets to call, doesnt show half the time etc...and i am rigid, very scheduled, etc.For instance most of the get togethers never happen because she doesnt plan well, overschedules herself then cant make it at the last minute. Very frustrating for me.
But we both have this stubbornness to us- difference is people see her as vulnerable & me as unapproachable. by the way, that theme continues...

Bottom line is, i saw & heard some things tonight that were downright scary. Looked at bible prophecy and for the first time see how truly close we are to the events foretold in Luke 21.And not just because of the speaker, but because of world events & the order they are happening.I am more of a cynic than anyone i know. But i got to thinking- what if?
What if Jesus comes in the next 5 minutes, or the next year?What will i ,ME, say when asked to give that account of my life? When i cant compare myself to my neighbor? How will i explain that i didnt do exactly as i was commanded?

Food for thought- i'd rather die a believer & find out there is no god , than to not believe , die & find out there is.Just because you dont believe in hell , that wont stop you from going there.

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