Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Still floating Along

Although i would love to say all has been settled, it has not. At our staff meeting my boss tried to announce that i would be staying on board, but i had to state that"nothing has been put in writing" thus far.I finished the tests at the "other" place , which took 2 weeks in the processing, and havent heard back yet this week.So STILL i am wondering where mortgage will be coming from for the 3rd month in a row. I guess the only choice now is robbing the savings again.I did my computer & office but cant even change my calendar schedule from home or send emails..what a waste.
On a more positive note, my neice, who had a tempereature of 104.3 at the hospital last week seems to be doing better. My brother says she is almost back to herself.....Yay!
I am working on a new painting , another 3ft by 4ft. I will post it shortly when done.
So, hopefully i will be settled soon somewhere , somehow. Even if i have to walk away from everything and start anew, i will have peace in my life .....i am comitted to that!

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