Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Sea has Calmed

Yesterday was eerily quiet in my world. I had 2 classes so i left the house at 8a & returned home by 9p.
All day i received no phone calls,texts, and only a handful of emails (only 2 from work!) I had started to think maybe Verizon was down for the day.
Also, there were no issues, no crisis, no complaints and i didnt have to stay late to make supplies.
I actually got to bed by 10p...slept well, awoke at 545 a.
I am very weirded out by the calm.
So, here i am with the whole day ahead of me...i will paint a bit, clean a very little bit, run some errands , then meet my daughter at a flea market. perhaps tonight i will go to the gym....
The company i work for finally came through with what i asked for. Amazing. All i am waiting for is my reimbursement for back pay.
Hopefully , my world will bathe in relaxation ...even just for a little while!

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