Saturday, March 5, 2011

Oceans & Opportunity

Some days you know things are just not right. For instance, i was on my way home Thursday night, driving over an hour after a 12 hour day of teaching, whilst eating cold , plain string beans with my fingers.That was part of the lunch i was supposed to have, but was too busy.Not only does this say "Man, i must be really hungry to eat these like this" but also, just the fact that i have to pack this item because i can't afford groceries sure hits home lately.
To be fair, so as not to suffer the indignity of attempting to gain sympathy, i could go shopping at the dollar store and pick up a few items, which i did 2 days before ( sardines, beets, small tin of chicken salad, and some animal crackers) . The other side of the story is that i have been too busy to shop as well. So it's been good, it's been bad.
I am in the process of trying to work things out at the job, while still looking around the job market for opportunity. I have an application in, and an interview set up, but i'm not sure it's the job i'm looking for.Deep down, i really want the educational thing to work out, so i guess i'm hanging on like a dingleberry clinging to an old elastic waistband.
On a happier note, i am going over to watch my cute little niece today. I miss her sweet smile and yummy baby smelling hair! I just wanna chew on her she's so adorable..haha!
I have been painting a little here & there, but not in the last 2 weeks because of work hours, i am posting a few of the latest here.

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