Friday, March 18, 2011

Barn burned down, now i can see the moon...

So far , just about everyday this week has been 14-16hrs awake & on the go, and about 6-8 hrs of sleep. Sound normal?Its not...who gets up at 530 goes to work & doesnt return hoem until 10 or 11pm?(besides my husband who truly enjoys working). It's not good, i say.
Some of those nights i spent in church...some at work....and tonight at the hospital with my very sick little niece (she registered a fever of 104.3).In between classes , i have been taking tests for this new company i'm considering or attending various interviews with their staff.I am so wiped out.And worse, have been unable to go to the gym.
Today, my boss calls to tell me they will be able to accomodates my requests including holiday pay & PTO,& i will get my 2% raises they have owed me for the past 2 years. However, it will still not be a fulltime salaried position.Additionally, the other boss(a VP) called to tell me my reimbursement is still in "processing"- even though its been approved.Hello?Its OWED, how dare it have to be approved. I presented the situation to several different businesses, including their competitor who stated that" a month is unacceptable. It would have been paid the next pay period anywhere else". So, even though my boss asked me if i rescinded my resignation, and i said "yes, but it would have to be in writing" -i am still waiting for it i writing & have no date on my reimbursement.
Therefore, i will continue to press forward in taking the steps to hire with their competitor. I need something to fall back on if the roof collapses.

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