Saturday, February 26, 2011

I Need a new Job

Okay, i'm really in a pickle. I love teaching the agency classes. I love doing the research & typing up in services.So why does this always happen to me? Here's the sitch:
Up until approximately the beginning of February, things were going along fine. The week right before i left for my trip i knew , just knew something was wrong. I sensed tension and irritation with me from certain office employees and i even knew (call it premonition) exactly what complaints were about to be lodged against me.All of the discontent rested with those who were not getting what they wanted---mainly me to just sign off on incompetent nurses & aides stating they were competent. I had just gotten to the point where i could not ethically, or morally, as well as legally just sign my name on the dotted line because someone needs coverage.
So i pre-defended myself and wrote an extremely long email to my superior the day i left explaining that he would probably be getting complaints and gave him the reasons. I explained that just about everyone & anyone was being thrown into the vent class regardless of weather they had had any experience at all out in the field with peds, trach or vents. That people were being put into vent class before pedia prep(totally backwards) and that they were not being given the manual to study from beforehand so they didnt have an opportunity to study the concepts or know what to expect. The final straw was when a nurse aged 70 who hadnt been in the field for 30 years with mild Mental Retardation was signed up .I cannot produce miracles. And she just could not grasp even the most simple of concepts- like the differences between types of trachs. She retook the class a week later & still could not understand how to do a circuit change. A complaint was lodged against me because these types of individuals & situations are what i have been challenged with and i refuse to sign my name stating they are competent to take care of a trached & vented child.
now it seems that if a potential employee comes to class late and i try to accomodate them by allowing them in (although i dont agree with this) then it is my job to work around them & either hold up the rest of the class & make everyone stay late, or i have to stay late and catch them up on all that they missed because ,holy -heck, they feel I'm being unfair to them.
One of them had the nerve to be over 1/2 an hour late, stating she couldnt stay later to take a test than the scheduled time since someone was dropping her son off at the office, and then complained that she would have to come back another time to take the test!!! and guess what? i got reamed out for it...
I am currently searching for a new position. I also discovered that due to a clerical error back in October, my hourly rate was dropped by $2 an hour and they owe me over $1000. No one has gotten back to me as to when i will be reimbursed.
Believe me, this is just the tip of the ice-burg. I have emails from the ceo's telling me to do something and then the next day emails saying they never said that. I have absolute , written proof. But does it matter? nope, apparantly it's still my fault. I give up...time to go paint.

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Anonymous said...

All I can say is....I feel your pain. I truly do.