Sunday, February 20, 2011

Home Sweet Home

The last day on the site the church is being built on. This is where we worked!
A typical home in the Boguis area
The "improved" path to the outhouse.
Yup, the women worked as hard as the men!!Thats me, shoveling graveal to transport to the concrete mixer. we would then fill buckets and pass them in a line one to another until it reached the holes we needed to fill.
My boots at the end of the day...thank God they washed up really well---a special Thanks to Dick(my stepfather) for lending them to me. Several days the mud was up past the boots to my shins.Walking was like being in quicksand!
These are the pastors two sons-Semion &Judah

phew! i'm back & what a trip it was! it took 16 hrs to get there -including a 2 hr drive to Reagan airport, a short wait there, flight to miami, longer layover(1 1/2 hrs), flight to Henowarra(?) airport in St. Lucia, then a 1 1/4 hr bus trip to the hotel in Castries.I was absolutely beat!I barely made it through dinner.It was hard to chose which pics to post so i only chose a few that represented the majority of our time.There are other pics of the scenery and beauty of the island itself, but most of our time was spent working in 100 degree heat with no shelter from the sun.Many times there would be sudden HUGE downpours, creating an even muddier site we had to work in.The people were extremely kind there, most very poor.The buildings are not even close to what we call livable environments, including the "businesses".We worked our butts off, ate well(creole based dishes cooked by the locals and brought to the work site where we ate sitting on cinder blocks ),and slept well. Praise God for the opportunity to serve!!!

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