Saturday, February 5, 2011

Decisions, Decisions

Another couple of blows at work. The clinical director for the 4 local branches returned from M.I.A. and decided to make a sweeping change to the schedules because some of the offices were whining about not being able to schedule on their assigned day. This happened because they were never told that i didnt like that plan since one office would get shorted a day, and also because any branch can cancel the night before and no one else has a chance to schedule then.Here is my solution- make them all starve along with me & lose their homes to foreclosure and maybe then they will understand the impact their unwillingness to compromise has caused.As i tried to accomodate everyone as best i could ,i depleted my own savings trying to keep my head above water.So, maybe if they had to live day to day for awhile along side me, they would be willing to adjust a little.
Anyway, i know that i have to put it all in Gods hands and walk the walk. I can't be a talk the talk Christian, and behave as though faith doesnt apply to me. I have had to humble myself and ask my hubby for 1,000 toward mortgage for march. But when i do get to discuss this with my immediate supervisor this week, he will know that i will not settle for less than 40 hours per week anymore. He will also know that i expect some kind of vacation benefit & holiday pay , along with immediate reimbursement if i am to register for this CPR instructor Certification since i can barely afford to put out $ 230 for it ahead of time.There needs to be a plan to compensate my salary for the days i'll be off to get that certification also.
If not, i will, as much as it pains me, have to walk away. after all, i am not getting salary, and am not even making as much as some of their LPN's.I have been flexible & willing to extend patience to them to develop this position.I , at this point, receive no vacation hours, no PTO, no paid holidays and no guarantee of hours from day to day. I dont get insurance, and they no longer match 4 on our 401k's.I don't ask for mileage, havent asked for reimbursement for home office supplies i've used...the list goes on. They need to realize they don't get something for nothing forever.
I believe in calculated risk, investment in a project , and a period of adjustment in things like this. But i will not lose my house or my dignity at home for this.

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