Thursday, January 6, 2011

Whether you like it , or not

Still going to stretch your capacity for being open minded (you readers who've receeded). I'm not ashamed of my love for God's word. Someday, you might wish you had loved it more.So, here we go....

Proverbs 21:5 "the sluggards craving will be the death of him, because his hands refuse to work.All day long he craves for more , but the righteous give without sparing."
First, let me say that just because you hold a job and maybe even use your hands for work, you are not exempt here. Let's get past the excuses and see where we stand.
A sluggard- i picture a person who is basically lazy. They are lazy even while they are at their job.Then they get home,they may cozy up on the sofa or at the kitchen counter with a nice meal, perhaps watching tv for awhile...they maybe get on the computer, take a shower, climb into bed and fall asleep.Doesnt this descibe most Americans? I know a good portion of that in some way applies to me.
One thing i re-learned today is how over -the -top wealthy we are in the United States. Wanna know what rich is in comparison with most of the rest of the world? Here's the litmus test:

Can you read?
Do you own a book?
A "Yes" to one or both means that you are in fact, considered wealthy by current standards on most of the earth.
Chew on that if your feeling an urge to snack tonight.
Every time i hear that statistic it hits me right in the gut. And what is my own personal mantra?

"If your not part of solution, you're part of the problem"

I've been using it since my teen years. But it means more to me each year i age.Sooooo...
What are we doing about that?Are we using this gift we take for granted every single day and using it to help someone else? Are we teaching , educating, reading to someone? How bout loving them enough to give them a book....and of course the best book ever-THE BIBLE- would be a nice start.
But any book that is uplifting or practical is good.If you're not sure how, contact the Gideans. They are on the web and ,yes, they are the worldwide organization that puts the bible in the hotel room drawers.
What about teaching literacy? Anyone can do this - local chapters have training to help you get started with the American Literacy Council.Many adults , even in our country, still cannot read well enough to fill out their opwn job application.
While ,most of us sit at home eating and relaxing, many shiver in the cold- homeless, alone, without adequate food or clothing.How , o sluggards that we are, can we sit back & do NOTHING???
I am not just another bleeding heart, but I know God's heart, and i know it bleeds for me. In fact , i know who literally bled for me.And this year i'm at His mercy- to serve, and not be served.
To give, and not be given to, in as much as it may affect my own lifestyle. What is a gift, if it costs you nothing...this is my time to put aside myself, and i will use that time wisely!

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