Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Talent Show

These are the two paintings i "unveiled" at the Church talent show, along with reading from the book of Jonah, and an original poetry piece which follows:
The surfer rises to the glint of the earliest morn
Pulls on a suit of sleek black
He heads towards the horizon with his board in tow
Away from what is past
On the water , he swims alone, shivering
Amidst swirls of a storms aftermath
Gracefully quiet, but pressing forward
Breathing in Poseidons bath
With a swiftness, a wave is cresting and
He mounts the board upright
Strong and confident, balanced, noble
Silouetted in soft ,pink morning light
It is a dance of supreme illusion
So much more than it seems
It is a time for gaining strength by solice
It is a time for living dreams
He is joined as one with the oceans song
For a spell, sailing, but not to impress
Surrounded by the rushing roar of saltwater
But only a small form on its vastness
While back on the shore a beachcomber saunters
Slowly , collecting pretty gifts from the sea
Feet in the foam, smelling the briney air
Never wading past his knees
he notices the surfer from the shore
But does not understand the inner strength it takes
To stay on the board, appearing at ease
In the oceans constant wakes
The beachcomber stays safe on the sand
Takes home his treasures and other things
To sell, or keep and to remember
How lovely the mermaid sings

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