Friday, January 28, 2011

For the Lost

Today i received the news that my brother has decided to give up on keeping the little girl he raised as his own from birth. Recently he found out that he is not the father. She is 17 months old, and an adorable, wonderful, lovable little girl i call my niece.This whole story has been a rocky road from the onset, and as the mother is currently in jail and will probably be there for awhile on 2 charges of endangering a child (her own) by having them in tow while drinking & driving, my brother has been caring for her.
There were a few times this past month that i was on that emotional roller coaster. The first being when he told me of the paternity test results, another being when he made the decision to contact the possible true father.But i spent much time praying and trying to help with care & advising him on things, and i had hope that he would do the right thing and fight for some rights to the little girl who loves him dearly and calls him dad.
But , in spite of many previous conversations, one just this week, when he stated that he was going to try to maintain custody, he called to tell me he was going to give her over to the mothers parents.
The reasons were two: it would take thousands of dollars to fight for her, and it would go on & on years.
When did it become okay to give a child back to a mother who lied about first pregnancy,then paternity,is in jail for endangering both young children, and threatens to fight to keep them both?A woman who has a bi-polar disorder, is an alcoholic and prescription drug addict, has never held a job and is only 22 years old? A woman who has 2 children that have been shuffled
around to various caretakers because of her instability and poor choices?
When did THAT become the acceptable , reasonable, or right thing to do?

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