Saturday, January 22, 2011

Finally got a Mac

So, i have not been on blogging for awhile. i got the Mac Book & have been trying to figure it all out. I still have lots of programs to transfer somehow from windows format. My son-in-law (crazy word to say for me) is supposed to come over tomorrow sometime to help me. I really do like it, and it is supposed to last longer & have less viruses.
I have been spending lots of time typing up stuff on here too. I am helping to edit our new pedia prep class manual, plus doing the monthly in-services (which require a ton of research) and i was recently asked (again) to look into getting my CPR instructor certification .That class isnt until April or May , depending if i go through the American Heart Association or the Red Cross. i hope the companyy approves the Red Cross because it is in April & is closer to attend.
In other news, today is the last day of our church's Daniel Fast & my husband has lost a total of 40 lbs! He looks great, but says he doesnt feel any better. He has been dealing with serious dental issues this month as well , including a root canal & temporary crown. Lots of pain.
I have been getting more & more inquiries about my paintings. The talent show went well, i presented 2 paintings. My daughter is requesting the first one with the waves...i almost hate to part with it, since it's my frst seascape, but i agreed in return for a new canvas of the same size. The other one i'm selling for no less than $100. I havent had a chance to paint this week, working alot so i can pay the mortgage before i head out to St. Lucia on the missions trip Feb. 11th through the 18th.I am really broke right now...but of course, my hubby isnt, and he has been spoiling me lately for some unknown reason. All i can do is thank God for such a wonderful man! Through this fast he has , i believe, grown inwardly as a spiritual person. I even see him as more of my spiritual leader now.He has been kind, patient & consistent despite practically starving and in severe pain.My birthday present (besides this computer) is a brand new commercial grade Nordic Trak treadmill!!!(Coming in about 2 weeks).
Well, that's about it for updates. I will be baking cookies today for our church spaghetti dinner. We are donating all proceeds from the ticket sales to the missions trip & selling baked goods there as well.Since i have to serve, etc. i have to be there at 2p. Its over at 6p-but i assume i'll be cleaning up also. This is our last fundraiser (that i know of) and they will take 2 offerings at service the next 2 weeks.
So, i have to, run, run!!!

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