Monday, January 24, 2011

Another Edition

...of "giving" according to the bible.
Today i am posting on 2 Corinthians 9:7 ""each man should give what he has decided in his heart to give, not reluctantly or under compulsion, because God loves a cheerful giver."

Sometimes i know it is difficult to know what God wants.There have been many times where i have wondered "is this God speaking to me, or just the voices in my head? Am i telling myself something because i want it to be true? Am i going crazy?What if i am deceiving myself?"
I know that recently i gave an amount of $500. Let me say that in the weeks leading up to the actual giving, i questioned the amount several times. I would think, "well, maybe they don't need that much. I have to watch my budget." And then a little red flag would fly up & i would have to remind myself that this was the amount that, through no other means or investigation of that persons needs, came into my head.And just the very fact that i am questioning it tells me that this line of thinking is straight from the devil.How do i know that?
Just this week i noticed in the word that wherever satan shows up, his lines include one thing in common. They are always about placing doubt in the receivers mind.In Matthew , he tempts Jesus 3 times , starting out with "IF...., then....?"Bringing the question to his intended victims mind.Another example is in Genesis, when tempting Eve.."Did God really say..."
I am sure there are other examples.
Additionally, in James there is a passage about double-mindedness that we need to consider.
Because according to it, anyone who is wishy washy about decisions is no better off than the man who "looks into the mirror intently, then when he walks away, forgets what he looks like."
Most of todays scripture about giving is in reference to those who give because they are persuaded to, and , in their hearts they really dont want to.And also about those who give for personal gain--for instance those who give in front of others , so that they" look good".God says that if you give under those complusions, you are receiving your reward here on earth, and so it will nopt be credited to you again in Heaven.
God loves a cheerful giver, not one who sliently questions after the fact why he or she ever gave in the first place. Even when the "rewards" are not immediately apparent.
We need to remind ourselves that we give in obedience & in faith. For whatever happens , we must be confident that the Lord will see our obedience and keep His word to take care of us!!

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