Sunday, December 5, 2010

There's a Suprise at the End of this Post!!

OK..i went back again to look at allllll those old blog posts & find myself asking once again-who ami i?who is this stranger that started posting on here back in august of '08, to the tune of yoga & self bliss, wanting less & desiring to be all out vulnerable & open as a "student of life"?
well, here i's me disguise.
So i need a sum -it-all-up session and you get to be the lucky dogs i unleash to!yay!
i noticed that i have done a year in review each year and this year will be no exception. In fact, today i came to a conclusion. each of the years hence i had a theme:
2008- year of people(putting people first-not things)
2009-year of doing(spending time with others)
201o- year of the career(self explanatory, and not a pleasant task)
so, in light of all things wonderful and ultimately revealing- drum roll ,please!
this year i have decided on my theme.
2011- the year of giving!
i will be giving til it affects my lifestyle.i'm commited to it and ,as i believe i mentioned before, it starts with appreciating the simple thimgs in life -a la "wanting less" and FINALLY i have gotten my family to accept the NO GIFT Christmas- at least at our house.My annual family dinner is this Saturday, i sent the invites and made a statement to please not bring gifts (unless they are homemade) as we will not be giving any. And i have some suprises in store for all. i'll post how it went after Saturday, but i am buzzing with excitement!

I can post one gift i am giving on here because i just did it & that person doesnt use the internet.
Ta-da! Here he is~hope you recognize Him!
And a good night to all!

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