Monday, December 20, 2010

Luke 6:38

ok then...let's get started!
first i must apologize that some of the listed verses were incorrect. but we will get to them as we go. i have chosen probably the most famous of all quoted verses about giving as the first one i will be discussing. At least, one of the most famous....

Luke 6:38
"Give , and it will be given to you. A good measure , pressed down, shaken together and running over will be poured into your lap."

The reason i go here first is related to some of the ways i have looked at it over the years.
beginning with my first encounter with it.

I, most likely along with most people, used to believe that this meant that if i give, i would double or triple my money back. Or at least be blessed accordingly because at one time i believed that God would bless me based on me blessing someone else. That he would bless me in the here and now.
For instance, if i gave tithe at church, i'd get a 10 or 20% return on that investment somewhere in my finances.


God says we are not saved by our works.And giving just to get back is a work of the flesh.
It has been my experience that God gives when he is darn good & ready and it has nothing to do with anything we have done. It is by His grace that we receive and according to His will & purpose.

So then i believed that God was somehow up there counting it all out, metering & doling out to everyone according to thier level of giving.So i tried to give extra and bless people with materials other than money so that i could save up in my "Godly" account for later, when i went to be with the Lord.

Sorry, but again, it doesnt work that way. He gives because of who He is, not because of who we are or what we do.

Now i believe this verse has a much deeper meaning. I believe that we need to look at how we "come out in the wash" when we give to others. In other words, how we "feel" afterwards.
I personally know that when i make someones day by paying their toll ahead of them, i feel a bit lighter the rest of my trip, which encourages me to try it again & again.And wierdly enough, when you give over & over again like that, it doesnt get old or boring the more you do it. In fact, it is a bit like addiction, but you feel increasingly better as your need grows.The more i do it, the easier it gets, the more i want to give and the better i feel.

So if i take the small amount i started with,pressed it down, shake it together - the amount of return begins to run over and the blessing is poured out into my lap- all without my bank account having increased once!In fact, even if my account runs a little lower, i have never been unable to pay my bills or feed my family because of giving.

This , to me, is proof that God takes care of us, no matter what, if we have faith and obey.

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