Thursday, December 9, 2010

Explaining the New Purpose

so, i am not giving gifts this year...
after explaining that i plan on this year being the year of giving....
How does THAT make sense you ask?
well, i'm glad you asked!!!

i will take this opportunity to explain-

First note that i have found 10 verses in the Bible that speak to giving:
Matthew 6:8,10:8, 10:42
Luke 6:38
acts 20:35
Romans 12:8
2 colossians 8:7,9:7
psalms 18:16
proverbs 28:27

i am sure there are many more! In the next few posts i intend to delve "briefly" into each verse to give an example of how i will be using to fulfill my promise & goal.
But let me assure you , my posts will not be sermons, lectures or analysis of scripture. Just pure intention from my heart.
I hope i need not remind anyone that giving does not mean extravagance , it does not always pertain to money, and a gift is only real if it lifts someone else up, not just makes YOU feel good about being able to give it!

In that vein, i will leave you- hopefully thirsty for more.But if this isnt your cup of tea, switch to water,- and continue in your boring ,average, unflexible way of thinking!
Hope to see ya soon!

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