Monday, November 8, 2010


this past fri & sat. i visited my friend in Tennesse. She used to work with me as a nurse through the same agency and at another facility. She is due December 8th.Her house is located on a river in Surgoinsville. We mostly just went shopping and ate out for every meal since she didnt have any food in the house. She is till working and gets groceries only for herself as needed since her husband is always working away from home for months at a time.Very pretty this time of year there, even milder than PA. This is the bridge right outside her door
She has a brook on her property as well.

Even pregnant and with her husband away she takes care of 3 pigs and 3 Pitbull dogs by herself on their little farm property.

I look really old in this picture!ugh the crow's feet!Help!


Blasé said...

I don't see "crow's feet", I see a beautiful woman with a great personality. But, that's just me.

Lena said...

She looks a feisty little thing, your friend - and caring. Baby'll be a lucky lad or lass!

My twin has a similar brook in her back garden. Beautiful view but she hates it! She's mad!

ps....what crow's feet....????

nirvana diva said...

ahhh,so u ARE still around Blase..thought you moved off to the land of Nod!Lena..she certainly is feisty!rRobin loves her veiw, but hates the snakes !!