Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The "Moving Forward" Club

It's like the Stepford Wives.
In the past few weeks i 've had a mounting suspicion that my agency has been taken over by a strange force of nature .....
I first noticed it while sitting in our one office in the conference area , in between teaching classes. The doors around me were closed, but a few have glass panes that can be seen through. And by no stretch of the imagination are these rooms sound proof. So, I was not eavesdropping.
In fact, i was minding my own business when...
At first i heard the voice of one of our new "CEO's" get a bit stronger & louder. I looked up to discover the source and noted that he was speaking to an employee. I knew this person vaguely from a previous CNA class. I could hear one phrase being stated over & over by the CEO as the person (apparently ) was trying to defend themselves(i think).
"Moving forward..."
"Moving forward...."
Okay.Not too weird, yet.
Then i got a chance to meet the new CEO's who've ascended on our local offices in the last two months or so, including the aforementioned, in a private meeting concerning my role with the company. He & his fellow CEO's used it several times in that 1 hour.
Finally ,after a few weeks (& as i got a bit more comfortable with him in conversation-he really is a nice guy), he did my employee evaluation . Again, he used the phrase,& I just HAD to ask.
He swore it wasnt part of some company scheme, or a course they all took -moving forward 101- and he even laughed when i told him his colleague used it in a private, separate conversation with me, apparently astounded that they thought so much alike.
Okay...getting a little weirder, but i didnt really know these people for very long so maybe they just all ate the same batch of bad sushi or something .
But then.....(!)
Just this past week, my very own Excelsior colleague and friend, whom i have known almost since starting with the agency....someone whom i've studied with, worked along side, and shared personal stories and a lunch or two with....
Well, let it just be said, as I heard the phrase coming out of her mouth my whole world just sort of got foggy and blurry for a few minutes.It was as if i was in a time warp , or in an episode of The Body Snatchers.I could'nt comprehend it. I could barely breathe. So , of course, i couldnt ask her.
Geeze, i'm dramatic,huh?
Anyway, i have to admit she actually said "going forward" but used a sweep of her hand to emphasize it, in much the same manner as the others. It's creepy.
From now on, i'll be watching.I'll be on my guard, too.
They're not gonna get ME!Bwaahahaha!

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