Sunday, November 28, 2010

Crammin' it All in..

Well, i finally got through that awful shift at the hospital last night. It was my first one in a month. It was all that it promised & more. I was pretty much ok till at 630 (15 minutes to report- when we are all trying to wrap up labs, final charting, and chart checks, etc) i get a list of new orders related to a critical lab on one of my patients.It is pretty overwhelming to have to administer stat meds and get ready for report to 4 different nurses & 5 patients at the same time.
Anyway, it was just as before...on my way home my minds wheels were spinning furiously thinking of all the mistakes i probably made , all the things i didnt get done, all the things i could be wrote up for, and the unrealistic expectations. The worst part is the risk involved. I now know that i could not be a travel nurse in the hospital setting. I need to know my patients, know their meds & side effects, be able to actually "care" for them instead of completing tasks and caring for the paperwork.
Be that as it may - i now have 3 DAYS OFF!
I will be painting, cleaning, organizing, and planning...unless God tells me differently.
My office needs a good sweep (there's dried egg yolk on the spot beside me at the desk as i write).
My family christmas dinner is the 11th, so deep cleaning is probably a good idea.I didnt get to do much painting in the past week, but i am working on 3 paintings that i believe are very good.
I have advertised on Facebook the paintings i am selling (very cheaply!) to raise money for my missions was an after thought & i dont expect to really sell any, but i dont mind either way.
My husband suprised me last week with several wonderful canvasses ,and a giant acrylic/plaster work of an elephant that i have been eyeing for a year...i love it! I don't deserve the love Hubbs shows me..i really don't...
Ok , well there's my update...I need to get myself together for the day.

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