Sunday, October 31, 2010

O Frabjus day!

I couldnt resist the changing foliage any longer! it was such a nice brisk day , so i decided to walk off my wine hangover from last nights Girls Night .... An interesting building/barn
Such pretty colors

A babbling stream

Ahhhh....i wish i lived on this road.
Especially after last night. While i like most of my neighbors i'm really peeved at most of them right now. I invited over 20 people, including all the 13 girls from Bunco...only 3 showed up. Several others had originally said yes, then cancelled at the last minute ("I'm sick..cough cough"). A few more said they were just going to stay home that night and spend time with their kids. Funny, but trick or treat is tonight. Wouldnt THAT be the night to spend with your kids? Well, if they think I'm gonna hand out candy to those kids tonight, they have another thing coming.
At any rate, 4 of the girls from my church did show and one nieghbor brought a freind so we had 8. It was still fun, but too much wine & margaritas makes for a nasty morning...
Heading outdoors was just what i needed. I also spent some time painting today & will be posting some new art soon...

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