Thursday, October 21, 2010

A New Chance

I did it. Gave my boss notice and decided to stay on as a PRN only employee- which means only 3-6 shifts every 6weeks!!Today is my last scheduled shift! I have been contemplating some new goals for the next phase of my plan andhave decided on at least the following:

1. I am having a girls night get together on the 30th since i havent had a gathering here at home in awhile.
2. I am going on a missions trip to St. Lucia in Feb. with my church. Already gave the down payment and got my passport renewed today.
3.I will only be working about 3 days a week for a few months. As of friday this week i will be paid up til January with my mortgage and i have over 7,000 saved for emergencies. I will only need to make about 250 a week to get by. This will include groceries, gas, hair & tanning and my cell phone.
4. In January i will start putting in applications at some other nursing jobs.Having kept a relationship with the Hospital as a PRN, i will be able to have a decent reference.
5.I am back at the gym 4 days per week...looking into a yoga class for one of those days.
6.I am recomitting to this blog. I have been very lax and want to spend a few minutes every 2 or 3 days at least posting again!

I am processing some other plans & thoughts, one of which is my new year goals. I know that this years focus will be "giving back", starting with my Christmas dinner. I am committed to giving no gifts this year, except a family dinner and some home-made items.I will be asking that no gifts be given unless they are hand or home-made in return.My gift to all will be my offer of service for the coming year--the gift of time & love, which is always in such short supply.

In honor of my changes, i am changing my profile pic...gotta love the option to "evolve"!!!

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