Thursday, October 7, 2010

Just an update

i still have not told my boss i am giving 2 weeks notice. Everytime i decide "I am gonna do it this time"...something goes wrong. Like the last time when she was terribly forgiving about soemthing i should have gotten in trouble for ...i wanted to use the set-up as an openeing for my resignation...but , how do you stand there after someone says"oh dont worry about it, you're not in any trouble" and say "Oh, by the way, I'm quitting"?
My grandfather is in the hospital right now and things arent looking good....vomiting blood, etc. My prayers are for his pain and the comfort of my mom & her sisters at this time, They are the ones on the front line.I just hope they will be able to tell my grandmother (at a nursing home) before he passes so she will not be offended or shocked that they hadnt told her...but i'm sure it will work out.I wasnt as close to my Pop pop as my brother, but when my me-mom is passing i will be with her more...she helped to raise me when i was small as i was the first grandchild. We were very close until i got into my teen years.
I started back at the gym this week (2 nights) after about a 2 month hiatus. Boy do i ache today!
But it will all be worth it to lose those 5-7 lbs i gained on vacation and to get some muscle definition back.
Well, i gotta get my day started...lots of cleaning & organizing to do....

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