Tuesday, October 26, 2010


I spoke to my new supervisor at the agency yesterday. Appparently they want me to focus just on teaching classes.I am so grateful & feel so blessed to have this opportunity! Praise God!
I have felt for a while now that this is what i want to do- teach.I never feel like it's work. so , in addition to teaching the cna cass, pedia prep, and the trach & vent class, they also want me to do the CPR classes. That is awesome! I have to get my certification, but that isnt too hard.
Hopefully i will have plenty of hours between the 4 branches & 4 classes. I am again considering going back to school to get my bachelors & masters. Then i can eventually be a nurse educator. I'm feeling more & more like all this is leading somewhere.
My proposal was as follows:
1. i want a job description in writing, including title, expectations, and time commitment.
2. i can give 3 days per week -10-12 hours per day as needed
3.i want to be in charge of scheduling the classes, calling the employees, and putting together the material
4. i insist on doing one homecare shift per month to stay current & in touch with the community i am teaching about- the client & their equipment, treatments , and family, and also the nursing staff.
The supervisor said we will have to make up the job description ourselves. The CEO had mentioned at a meeting that i should be focused on staff development, so i figure this will be a good tiltle for me.
I am praying for Gods will in all of this .


secrets said...

Good things come to she who waits!

Sandy said...

I am and was so happy for you as soon as I found out. I could tell this was something you enjoyed doing and do it well.