Sunday, October 31, 2010

O Frabjus day!

I couldnt resist the changing foliage any longer! it was such a nice brisk day , so i decided to walk off my wine hangover from last nights Girls Night .... An interesting building/barn
Such pretty colors

A babbling stream

Ahhhh....i wish i lived on this road.
Especially after last night. While i like most of my neighbors i'm really peeved at most of them right now. I invited over 20 people, including all the 13 girls from Bunco...only 3 showed up. Several others had originally said yes, then cancelled at the last minute ("I'm sick..cough cough"). A few more said they were just going to stay home that night and spend time with their kids. Funny, but trick or treat is tonight. Wouldnt THAT be the night to spend with your kids? Well, if they think I'm gonna hand out candy to those kids tonight, they have another thing coming.
At any rate, 4 of the girls from my church did show and one nieghbor brought a freind so we had 8. It was still fun, but too much wine & margaritas makes for a nasty morning...
Heading outdoors was just what i needed. I also spent some time painting today & will be posting some new art soon...

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


I spoke to my new supervisor at the agency yesterday. Appparently they want me to focus just on teaching classes.I am so grateful & feel so blessed to have this opportunity! Praise God!
I have felt for a while now that this is what i want to do- teach.I never feel like it's work. so , in addition to teaching the cna cass, pedia prep, and the trach & vent class, they also want me to do the CPR classes. That is awesome! I have to get my certification, but that isnt too hard.
Hopefully i will have plenty of hours between the 4 branches & 4 classes. I am again considering going back to school to get my bachelors & masters. Then i can eventually be a nurse educator. I'm feeling more & more like all this is leading somewhere.
My proposal was as follows:
1. i want a job description in writing, including title, expectations, and time commitment.
2. i can give 3 days per week -10-12 hours per day as needed
3.i want to be in charge of scheduling the classes, calling the employees, and putting together the material
4. i insist on doing one homecare shift per month to stay current & in touch with the community i am teaching about- the client & their equipment, treatments , and family, and also the nursing staff.
The supervisor said we will have to make up the job description ourselves. The CEO had mentioned at a meeting that i should be focused on staff development, so i figure this will be a good tiltle for me.
I am praying for Gods will in all of this .

Thursday, October 21, 2010

A New Chance

I did it. Gave my boss notice and decided to stay on as a PRN only employee- which means only 3-6 shifts every 6weeks!!Today is my last scheduled shift! I have been contemplating some new goals for the next phase of my plan andhave decided on at least the following:

1. I am having a girls night get together on the 30th since i havent had a gathering here at home in awhile.
2. I am going on a missions trip to St. Lucia in Feb. with my church. Already gave the down payment and got my passport renewed today.
3.I will only be working about 3 days a week for a few months. As of friday this week i will be paid up til January with my mortgage and i have over 7,000 saved for emergencies. I will only need to make about 250 a week to get by. This will include groceries, gas, hair & tanning and my cell phone.
4. In January i will start putting in applications at some other nursing jobs.Having kept a relationship with the Hospital as a PRN, i will be able to have a decent reference.
5.I am back at the gym 4 days per week...looking into a yoga class for one of those days.
6.I am recomitting to this blog. I have been very lax and want to spend a few minutes every 2 or 3 days at least posting again!

I am processing some other plans & thoughts, one of which is my new year goals. I know that this years focus will be "giving back", starting with my Christmas dinner. I am committed to giving no gifts this year, except a family dinner and some home-made items.I will be asking that no gifts be given unless they are hand or home-made in return.My gift to all will be my offer of service for the coming year--the gift of time & love, which is always in such short supply.

In honor of my changes, i am changing my profile pic...gotta love the option to "evolve"!!!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Just an update

i still have not told my boss i am giving 2 weeks notice. Everytime i decide "I am gonna do it this time"...something goes wrong. Like the last time when she was terribly forgiving about soemthing i should have gotten in trouble for ...i wanted to use the set-up as an openeing for my resignation...but , how do you stand there after someone says"oh dont worry about it, you're not in any trouble" and say "Oh, by the way, I'm quitting"?
My grandfather is in the hospital right now and things arent looking good....vomiting blood, etc. My prayers are for his pain and the comfort of my mom & her sisters at this time, They are the ones on the front line.I just hope they will be able to tell my grandmother (at a nursing home) before he passes so she will not be offended or shocked that they hadnt told her...but i'm sure it will work out.I wasnt as close to my Pop pop as my brother, but when my me-mom is passing i will be with her more...she helped to raise me when i was small as i was the first grandchild. We were very close until i got into my teen years.
I started back at the gym this week (2 nights) after about a 2 month hiatus. Boy do i ache today!
But it will all be worth it to lose those 5-7 lbs i gained on vacation and to get some muscle definition back.
Well, i gotta get my day started...lots of cleaning & organizing to do....