Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Too much wine!

Suddenly i realize that even though i've been on vacation for a week or so and havent blogged at all!I really have been trying to have some spiritual experience or divine revelation about things but it's just not happening. Maybe it's all the wine i've been drinking....haha....but really, it's not funny...no more drinking the rest of the week for me.I'm pretty hung over this morning.

I suppose i will post some pics so they can tell the vacation story!


Lena said...

And lovely pics they are! At first glance I thought all that froth was snow, but I guess that's just me subconsciously preparing for the Scottish Winter!

nirvana diva said...

thanks lena..sorry it took so long for me to publish the comment. for some reason it went to my spam folder. btw...i wouldnt mind looking at your blog, if u have one...how do i get there? do u have a link?