Monday, September 27, 2010

Back To Hades

Yup, home crap home...

I was practically on the verge of being physically ill from having to leave my real home, the beach.Imagine my suprise when upon returning home, the closer i got the worse it got. First, after i pulled into a store to use their bathroom, i returned to my vehicle to find that my never failing GPS system had failed...with me being stuck in the middle of i -dont-know-where. Luckily i was able to meet up with Hubbs about 30 minutes down the road to follow that nice new truck of his home. Then, arriving home 4 hours later than expected, at 9 pm..i start going through the stack of mail. Apparently my ezpass also failed at one of the tolls. A fine was issued.

Ok, i can take care of that.and that.

This morning (we'll nicely call it "the morning after") i find that a whole lotta people up here are sick from various ailments.After my little healthful sojourn, i return to a festering pit of .....nevermind.

To top it off i get a call on my way to a hectic 12 hour day letting me know that my grandfather is being taken to the hospital.

yes, truly home is where the heart is.

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