Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Skinny Cat

Really need more time in a day, i just dont get to blog like i want.
Things are moving along for the wedding, my daughter really has put alot into it!It's such a shame her dad's family are acting like babies. What kind of family abandons you when you are just getting married?
Anyway, newsflash....just got my skinny cat back last night & she was really sick and much skinnier since her stint at living with my son & his dad. Hubbs took her to the vet straight away. But today she looks much better. She lost 1/4 of her body wieght & needs to gain some. So far the vet says she doesnt have intestinal parasites, but we are waiting for bloodwork. I was very angry with my son, but now i think her symtoms may have been mostly stress related, and also related to the fact that their household is a smoking one....they really dont air it out, either. So far, she & the fat cat are not speaking except to growl & hiss. I hope they grow used to each other again before vacation.
Well, gotta run ...work...ugh!

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