Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Skinny Cat

Really need more time in a day, i just dont get to blog like i want.
Things are moving along for the wedding, my daughter really has put alot into it!It's such a shame her dad's family are acting like babies. What kind of family abandons you when you are just getting married?
Anyway, newsflash....just got my skinny cat back last night & she was really sick and much skinnier since her stint at living with my son & his dad. Hubbs took her to the vet straight away. But today she looks much better. She lost 1/4 of her body wieght & needs to gain some. So far the vet says she doesnt have intestinal parasites, but we are waiting for bloodwork. I was very angry with my son, but now i think her symtoms may have been mostly stress related, and also related to the fact that their household is a smoking one....they really dont air it out, either. So far, she & the fat cat are not speaking except to growl & hiss. I hope they grow used to each other again before vacation.
Well, gotta run ...work...ugh!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Unexpected Compassion

Wow...its been awhile since i blogged . In the meantime i have kept very busy with work.I was really hoping to be cancelled tonight but no such luck.oh well....counting tonight only 6 more shifts at the hospital before vacation. I still have lots of other work with the agency though.
I have been meaning to blog about a patient who has quite gotten under my skin...strangely enough ,he is the most unlikely candidate to do this.
He is an HIV positive patient.
I would have thought that i would have had such an aversion to someone with that diagnosis (unless it was a child).In fact, as far as children, i have always wanted to work with kids who have AIDS.They are truly innocent victims of the virus. My heart aches for them.
In addition to this diagnosis, and all that comes with it (he has had it for many many years) he recently took a tumble which made him and instant quadriplegic.
When he first came to us he was more than annoying...a self professed "Queen" he was demanding and a constant complainer. Everything had to be just so and he was on the call bell constantly.But over the time he has been there i have frequently been his nurse and i have become compassionate towards him and have even grown to care deeply for his situation.
Many mornings & evenings i have shed tears for him.
He is a vibrant , outgoing and as i have listened to his family members conversate with him i have been astonished at the love he has around him. But most of all what changed my mind about him was finding out that he raised his neice.He has a kind heart underneath of the sometimes rebellious behavior he exhibits.And, to be honest, who amongst us would not be angry and depressed about unexpectedly & suddenly nt being able to move from the neck down.
I believe many of us would be demanding, bitter, and unable to comprehend being dealt such a blow.
At any rate i do believe that his recent symtoms are suggesting he is moving into full blown AIDS. It is unclear whether his family is aware of this diagnosis. So it is doubly hard when we are asked questions about why he is having certain symptoms. All i can say is i will continue to pray and do my best for him as long as i am allowed and he is with us.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

More or Less

Somehow these days i seem to have more work and less time.How does this happen as we strive to attain simplicity in our lives? i fear that , in my case, i have fallen into covering a sense of loneliness related to my husbands work hours by keeping myself as busy as possible. Additionally, i get guilted into doing extra work because there is such a shortage in all areas of the nursing field. I am sure most nurse can relate.
Somehow, i am still making time to go to the gym 2-3 times a week (although this is a decrease from my previous fitness schedule) and most people i talk to cant believe i have time to do this while also juggling 3 jobs. I tell them it's a matter of discipline, but mostly a great need for stress relief/ "me" time.
Additionally i make time for my spiritual self. I enable myself to do this by listening to cd books while driving and alternating the breif period s of reading time i have before bed with several faith based books,various bible versions, and a fiction read( for a break).It isnt easy, but i try. Most of my prayers are in the car.I am currently studying in the Septugant & Apocrypha versions containing the original Greek.For those of you who do not know what this is, it is the earlist version of the bible ,written in 285-247 B.C.,by 70 Jewish scholars-the Greek translation of the old testament,and the historical records of the intertestamental period(between the old & new testament). The most interesting & best thing about the direct translation is the different wording from King James and the NIV. For instance...in Genesis 1 :6 "And God said ,Let there be a firmament in the midst of the water, and let it be a division between water and water,and it was so." Eve is called "Living".And there is a whole section before Ecclesiasticus(Not spelled Ecclesaistes!) called Wisdom...one line states "But thy sons not the very teeth of venomous dragons overcame:for thy mercy was by them, and healed them."Ahhhh , so beautiful the language! Why did we ever translate this to our dull wordly versions!???
This leaves a little time to do housework & cook, so i have my husband do a few things here & there, which fortunately, he's pretty good about- although i have to ask if it's anything besides laundry or putting away the dishes. UN-fortunately he does not cook for me.Ever.
My new favorite to listen to via Cd is Beth Moore who has done a great study on Daniel, and Esther. Her Current CD study is called "Believing God".
Well, i better go. Gotta nap before work..and its's starting to thunder out there!