Thursday, July 15, 2010


My, my...feels like forever since i posted. Of course i have been working alot as usual.i am soon ready to go in for a 12 at the hospital , after getting up at 6:30 am to open a case for the agency. I have also been asked to work a few home care shifts, which i accepted , at the end of the month..havent done them since November, but a lot of nurses are off for vacation so i am trying to help out. My own vacation cant come soon enough....i have been looking at pictures of the ocean, fantasizing about sitting on the beach and thinking about the wine i am going to imbibe while there. My mom & step dad will be joining us again , as well as the in laws for a few days. I invited my brother & his brood, but i doubt they will make it.
There's still a large new truck sitting in my driveway that i am trying to ignore. But as long as it's there i am going to have the hubster move the rest of my sons things out & take them to his place. Might as well get something out of the thing.
Not much else to write about..still going to the gym, not doing housework or cooking much, and trying to sleep as much as until another time.....adios!

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