Saturday, July 3, 2010

Photo Updates

The Mad Hatter's Tea Party(Bridal Shower)-I found this chest at an antique shop in pretty rough condition. I stripped the old paint, replaced the feet and re-stained it to go with my daughter's bedroom set. I filled it with hope chest items. This is one of the table settings at the shower. It took 2 months of going to thrift shopes , rescue missions, yard sales & a flea market to gather all the mismatched teacup & saucer sets!

This is a pic of my cutie-pie neice -about 9 months old !!!

And finally -My gorgeous daughter in her wedding dress(first fitting)

Aint she sweet??

Trying to get outside today, i did my grocery shopping late last night(10pm) , slept well overnight and was up at 9:30 to clean house, do a bit of shopping, and prepare a picnic lunch for myself & hubbs.Whenever he wakes up i plan for us to go on a long walk , have a picnic lunch, play a game of trivial pursuit, then perhaps sit on the front porch sippin some wine. Sounds like a perfect day to me!

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