Saturday, July 24, 2010


So still have until july 31st til i have a day off....cannot wait! I have 3 countdowns going on right now:
1. My daughter's wedding is Sept . 4th
2.My vacation starts Sept. 12th
3.My plan for quitting the hospital goes into effect in November( the plan is to start applying places on my 1 year anniversary...then when i get a suitable offer, i'll give notice)

Interestingly, my office manager has re-offered the Clinical Manager job to me twice in the last week...both times i turned it down. Everytime i go into the office , everyone is so tense & stressed out. My one friend Sandy(who graduated the same time i did from RN school, from the same program) has been doing the job since November. I have watched her go from fairly quiet and calm to completely stressed! She told me at one point a few months a go that she & her husband were divorcing. Also she has said she's gained some weight and the office staff says she's back to smoking again(occasionally)..i know she quit many years ago. So what's all that tell ya?
I know one thing for sure...i want an 8 hr a day , day shift more than 40-48 hrs per week. And i want better pay than what i'm getting. I figure i have some experience now & have had my RN license for a year already. I've noticed some travel nurse jobs located out of state(many in texas, but some in Hawaii even) that only require one year of hospital experience.Hmmm.....
I have some other plans too...want to get back to Ladies Bible Study & also Yoga classes. I think i felt truly better the year i had both of these in my life....something about balance i guess.
Well, gotta gets goin'...toodle-oo!

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Lena said...

You've certainly got a structure set. Fingers crossed that a post comes about soon. Such a shame about Sandy. At least you've recognised the sore points. Work should be a joy not a dread.