Monday, July 5, 2010

Crankin' it Out

Feeling a little yucky today. Not really sure why.Perhaps it is because i had to go in to the hospital during the day today & put in a few hours finishing up my orientation packet that should have been done by the end of Feb. My manager put it in my mailbox on June 25th with a note that somehow she hadnt noticed since then that lots of stuff wasnt completed and i only had til July 6th to do it. I really wish she had told me this way before the 25th since i had already been scheduled with the agency til the end of the month and the other days to work at the hospital night shift. The things that needed done had to be done during the day on weekdays which left today & it is technically a holiday. But i took a chance that pt, st, & ot would be there & thank goodness they were.
But aside from that i am irrationally cranky. I feel like i have indigestion or am constipated or both . And my nerves are on edge for some reason. I was extra tired when i got home so i tried to nap for 2 hours unsuccessfully.
My son is due to come at 5p to collect the last of his things. I am sure that has something to do with my mood. Along with the fact that i cant get any banking done and the tanning salon is closed. i am getting pale & now will have to build up that base tan again.
On a more positive note, Hubbs actually took off work last night and we went to the island to see the fireworks. It was very nice, but a bit crowded .
It's pretty hot today outside & later i'll be heading to the gym. I went 4 times last week but 2 of those days were just abs & cardio.So i gotta lift tonight.I cant even get in the whirlpool though cause it's that time of the month. Geeze, why do women have to go through these things. I'm starting to think this is all leading to that menopause thing...sigh....

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Lets keep it simple said...

Hello my fabulous friend. You sound like you have been feeling quite yucky. I miss you terribly. We need to start reestablishing some sort of schedule so we can get together. I know we are both incredibly busy but we always made time for each other before. I think its time to start coffee dates again.