Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Too Darned Early!!

Awake this morning at 5 am...sigh!
Ths, after an entire week of hard work, stress and getting 3-4 hrs. of sleep per day. What is wrong with my internal sleep clock that makes me wake automatically after 3-4 hrs?
Yesterday, i met my daughter for her wedding dress "fitting". I previously never knew that this was something the mom attended. Plus, i never knew there was another "final" fitting two weeks prior to the event. I mean, it makes sense. But still. I guess when it comes to these small details, i am glad i decided to go to the magistrate the last two times.Especially when i heard the price of the alterations! After spending all that money on the dress! Geeze!
I did take some photos but did not have time to upload them.I think the next post will contain a few pics of the nursery progress. We had the floor installed last thurs. and it looks great! Next is the crib refinishing, mattress & linens, then curtains & shades , and a night stand. I might get a rocking chair, but it would have to be super comfortable.When that is complete i'll get a few wall ornaments , maybe some shelves , and whatever odds & ends i come up with.
Today i have a hair appointment, just in time for the bridal shower on Saturday. i will be so busy with preparations for that (including the finishing touches on the gifts) , teaching classes, and trying to clean my house i wont have many hours to myself.These next two weeks look pretty brutal on my calender.
Oh well, time for that hot tub!

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