Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Tired of Insomnia

I almost forgot about this blog! Imagine! Things have been so crazy and i havent been sleeping. Please excuse the short post but wanted to let all know i am still here. Just in survival mode at present....

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Too Darned Early!!

Awake this morning at 5 am...sigh!
Ths, after an entire week of hard work, stress and getting 3-4 hrs. of sleep per day. What is wrong with my internal sleep clock that makes me wake automatically after 3-4 hrs?
Yesterday, i met my daughter for her wedding dress "fitting". I previously never knew that this was something the mom attended. Plus, i never knew there was another "final" fitting two weeks prior to the event. I mean, it makes sense. But still. I guess when it comes to these small details, i am glad i decided to go to the magistrate the last two times.Especially when i heard the price of the alterations! After spending all that money on the dress! Geeze!
I did take some photos but did not have time to upload them.I think the next post will contain a few pics of the nursery progress. We had the floor installed last thurs. and it looks great! Next is the crib refinishing, mattress & linens, then curtains & shades , and a night stand. I might get a rocking chair, but it would have to be super comfortable.When that is complete i'll get a few wall ornaments , maybe some shelves , and whatever odds & ends i come up with.
Today i have a hair appointment, just in time for the bridal shower on Saturday. i will be so busy with preparations for that (including the finishing touches on the gifts) , teaching classes, and trying to clean my house i wont have many hours to myself.These next two weeks look pretty brutal on my calender.
Oh well, time for that hot tub!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Counting the Days

I cannot wait for vacation. Summer cannot go quickly enough for me, since my beach time will be in September.
After a whole week of hardly working any hours( due to being cancelled for two shifts at the hospital and no one showing up for a class Monday) i had to go back last night. And , boy, it was everything i had dreaded .First i was assigned 6 patients- the max. for night shift at our critical care facility.So I started getting report-only knew 3 of the 6,and then the charge nurse comes over & changes one of my assignments so the "other" nurse wouldnt have two new admits and be down 3 halls. Well, that was just ridiculous because she took away one patient i knew who was extremely easy, gave me a new admit with a higher acuity, and i was still down 3 halls. Plus i had one on a critical drip.I didnt get to pee until 1am, didnt start charting til after 2 am(finishing by 5am) and of course didnt sit down except for part of the charting while i ate my 7 minute lunch.In the morning, as i was running late, Human resources hands me a random drug screen paper which has to be done within 48 hours, then the nurse manager comes to me and says i gotta stay for a staff meeting as well.
So at 7:45 (mind you i am supposed to be off by 7:15-but that rarely happens) i had to stop everything, sit on the floor of for a 45 minute meeting, then go finish my I&O's, finish charting, and left at 9am.
From here i drove to the lab on the way home , took the pee test, and got home at 9:50.Into bed by 10 am.
Wonderfully enough and as usual, my brain started to curdle around my job somewhere about 2pm and woke me up .I couldnt stop the cycle of re-hashing my shift(also per usual) so at 3:15 i gave up & got out of bed.
This cycle will repeat for the next several days. I will get very little sleep and be miserable .Some of the things that irritate me are:
-I was the only one from nightshift made to stay for that meeting
-hence, i will now be responsible to pass along the information
-i cannot fathom why i had to sit for 45 minutes on the floor. Most of the information was new, butcould have been typed up & posted.
-I am sick of the "other" nurse complaining about her assignment . I wound up with a much higher acuity because of that last minute switch, and yet she still whined about it. To be honest, i the only good thing about the meeting this morning was to hear that she will be transferring out of there in July.
- There is another nurse i almost cant stand. Everytime i have to give her report on anyone she drills me and rolls her eyes as if she cant understand why i havent" scoured" the chart to find out why respiratory did something, why the patient didnt pee, when they got a red bottom, or what grandparent gave them the gene for their green eyes.....Geeze!Plus she speaks so fast with such a heavy accent i can barely understand her .I DREAD everytime i have to give her report.

After such a long blog (me- venting on my usual daily nursing crap) maybe you can understand why i dont post as much as i used to. This is my life, and it sucks at the moment.I would rather not constantly rant & rage about my disgust with the Hospital job so i try to save posts for better and brighter things. But since we have no tv right now(ugh- no CNN for me) i have to get online for the news.
You get the results of my extra online time- enjoy!