Sunday, May 30, 2010

Political Hot Tub

Interesting ...
So, the other night, i go to the gym , where, as usual i get into the hot tub after my workout to relax( my reward & a motivation to get to the gym).i usually run into someone and strike up a conversation. Sometimes it's generic ("nice weather we're having") and sometimes it's a bit more intriguing.
Case in point...
I get into the hot tub friday evening and a guy i frequently see in there is present . He is Chinese , but very westernized with hardly any accent. He is VERY well built, 30ish i would guess, but the best thing about him is he can actually share in a good conversation. A pleasure to talk to. So, we start talking about the continued abuse of the American welfare system by certain ethnicities and the said ethnicities unwillingness to hold a job. Lots to say about this, but i digress.
It moves into a conversation about the new healthcare reform where, at this point another guy gets in the tub. He is probably in his twenties, very thin, and some type of oriental/asian descent- most likely Vietnamese from his features. He is listening intently to our conversation and soon joins in offering great views on everything from the current topic to the new immigration law mess in Arizona. I soon notice a guy over in the swimming pool looking over and occasionally tuning in, until HE comes over & gets in. This on is a bit chubby, darker skinned and is either of middle eastern descent or perhaps Greek.
Predicatably, after a few moments when the conversation has turned to 911, he begins to add to the conversation also....
My God, it was beautiful!
I felt like i was on CNN in a conversation room with each participant contributing their views and
and various facts, drifting easily from one topic of discussion to another . Let me tell you folks..i was in my heaven.
I live for stuff like this. I stayed in that tub for well over 45 minutes , sweat pouring of of me, alternately sitting on the edge and sitting neck down in water. I could hardly pull myself away. And on my way home it hit me.
This is what has been missing from my life for years. This is what thrills me, motivates me,gives me something to get out of bed for.
Intelligent conversation.
Opinion mixed with intellect -where the persons in the discussion BOTH (or all) actually have something valuable to add, give you something to chew on, agree with , debate , or just take in.It is such a rare find in my life to meet anyone who possess these traits.
So many people are hell bent on being average, neutral, bland. They are just people who go through the motions everyday. They dont ENGAGE with the world, or with others in any mentally stimulating way.I find that the majority of persons i meet or know , while they may have a sense of peace in their life, have nothing to offer in a conversation.
And i long for this.
Let's hear it for epiphanies!


Lena said...

I absolutely admire your ability to adapt - albeit a tiring job. Chin up!

nirvana diva said...

Thanks lena! Always nice to hear from someone on here!