Friday, May 28, 2010

Less is More, but not Always

When is less not good?
a partial list:
1. less sleep
2. less hygiene
3.less time with family
4.less prayer
5.less giving
6. less compassion
7.less gas in your car
8.less time for yourself
9.less motivation
10.less appreciation

I am on a mission, to create simplicity in my life..and that is what "wanting Less" is alll about. i will, as with human nature fail over & over..but the only real losers are those who stop trying.And while i want less hassles, less selfishness, less materialism, less stress and all that jive, there are lots of things i want more of.
The basic goal is peace & contentment.
I hope the above list will remind me of those things.
Have a beautiful day!

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