Thursday, May 13, 2010

It's today all day long i promised to blog before this..sorry!

In the interim i have gone back to a semi-blonde state..gotten my ACLS(today) and am still questing myself many many times what the hell i am doing with my life.

Pretty standard.

I cant believe that i still

1. am employed at the hospital- feeling more incompetent and inadequate as time goes by

2. am holding that ACLS card and it hasnt withered to dust- they must give those to anybody and i am gonna wind up killing somebody someday

3. wake up each day wondering whats wrong with me behind..just behind in everything...housework, bills, making phone calls, catching up with facebook, blogging, and even house projects(not to mention other projects.)

oh, and i also aquired a new cell phone so now i dont get charged that extra nasty 30 dollars Verizon requires when you have blackberry becuase you HAVE to have internet service on those . None of the other cell companies require it..just verizon-greedy dogs!

I am still going to the gym regularly and at this moment evn i am sore as crap from arm day and then leg day ....ouchies!

my cat precious is truly pestering me at the you can see from the above as much as i'd like to blog more..i must go...she keeps walking over my keyboard!!


secrets said...

I think what you are doing is the opposite of what your stated purpose fo your blog is supposed to be

nirvana diva said...

excellent point!!!and i must remedy this soon!!