Monday, April 5, 2010

Write Ups

All ready to go for my next few days..had a very long , hard-working week..But now i start teaching classes for new nurse & home health aide recruits.
I've already done a peds prep class, but today is the home health aide one.I'm a bit nervous because i've never been one...oh is what it is, and what it is for me is extra income!lol!
I also want to give a shout out to my freind-SECRETS- for putting up with me on our VT trip...i know i complained alot. sorry- and thanks for taking me.
I am coming to the conclusion that i am just going to take one day at a time with the hospital job. It is so incredibly stressful , but i make it worse on myself by worrying about getting fired or written up. Aftre much conversation with other nurses there, i realize that being "written up" is a common occurance. Mainly because nurses can write up other nurses, and it becomes a petty little nit-picking cat fight thing.I will refer to it as "the write up game".It goes like this...
One day you come in for a shift, get report and start doing your have a tougher assignment than you thought and feel unprepared & resentful.So, you notice stupid little things that were'nt done that make your day a bit worse(like the nurse reporting off to you forgeting to replenish the bag of tube feed and it is low so you have to go get a can, or that there's no tape in the room you have to do a dressing on) and you spitefully decide to write them up.The next day or so they find out , and they decide to find something wrong,something you did or forgot...maybe signing off on the treatment sheet, or not labeling iv tubing for the change write them up. Back & forth it goes til someone either quits, gets fired or just stops the game. It's pretty dumb.
i refuse to write up someone unless they have endangered a life. Like hanging the wrong med on the wrong patient, or i see them abusing a patient.If that makes me a fool, or i dont get the same respect then oh well. I do believe in Karma.
Gotta run..much to do today!

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